Heraeus Advanced Sensor Technology" business unit debuts

2019-04-10 13:38

Heraeus' sensor business is booming and is currently accelerating and expanding its sensor technology development strategy through the formation of the "Advanced Sensor Technology Global Business Unit (Heraeus Nexensos)". The Heraeus sensor business has been repositioned under the new name "Heraeus Advanced Sensor Technology", focusing on the key future markets of sensor technology and electric vehicles, and continues to write a new chapter of success.

Due to the growing market demand for sensor technology, Heraeus has experienced strong growth in recent years with its temperature sensor products for various applications. Heraeus temperature sensors can accurately measure temperatures up to 1050°C. The strong technical advantages allow Heraeus to continuously expand its market share in the platinum resistance sensor market.

In particular, the rapidly changing automotive and electronics industries are increasingly demanding sensor technology, and Heraeus has now restructured and expanded its sensor business to better serve these industries.

In the future, Heraeus will focus more on developing innovative solutions for electric vehicle applications, while the new "Heraeus Advanced Sensor Technology" will be dedicated to meeting the various needs of applications such as power electronics, batteries, motors and charging systems. . In addition, Heraeus is also strengthening cooperation with start-ups and investigating potential acquisitions.

This new heater/heater combination sensor business unit is starting a lot of exciting projects. Heraeus platinum resistance temperature sensors can effectively meet the various challenges arising from measurement, heating and thermal process regulation.

Ralph Meschkat, President of Heraeus Advanced Sensor Technology, said: "We intend to double the size of our sensor business in the next five years and become more innovative at the same time."